Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Momento of Redeclipse

nah today i post the momento of Redeclipse. For those who does't know what is Redeclipse i will briefly explain.  Redeclipse is combination from Red and Eclipse . This our event name's project for semester 4. Friends, I know we have been through all the trouble to make this event perfect. There are disputes and misunderstanding between us, our time and money to sacrifice everything just for this event.I will never forget this moment until the just watch this video and the pictures.. 

this video is courtesy of shah. Tenkiu for sharing this to us. 

The PA's System and The Photographers

Our Juniors... thanks coming

The partner's ..heheh

Our Visitors

Our Beloved Lecterur's

The Super Duper Crew's

p/s: Sorry for those who's i forgot to put ur picca. i dont have not enough time to edit everything. But I am sure that your image is in the video :D

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