Thursday, December 27, 2012

The end for 2012. Welcome 2013


Today was our last Friday for 2012, suddenly I felt so sad so felt annoying for the past thing that I've done. How about we sit and think about our past for just a minutes.. everything happen to us... u will know what I feel rite now... we got so many sins and also mistakes that we do... don't blame ppl, blame our self first coz anything happen will not just happen if we don't do something.

For today, I hope next year I means 2013 will give a bright to us, will give a plan for our future, will be good rather than a past a few years. Insyaallah. 

I wanna ask for forgiveness who are felt annoying with my attitude, I wanna say sorry for what I've done to u guys , I wanna say that I forgave everything that u guys doing to me.. I won't offended anymore.

Good bye 2012 and Welcome 2013 :)

snap by Mr Right. Honey, I hope I will love u now and forever.

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